HOT TEASERS Interview with author Dee S. Knight @DeeSKnight

Mystic Desire : A Supernatural Anthology

Mystic Desire : A Supernatural AnthologyFirst, welcome to HOT Teasers! My name is Emma and I’ll be your host for today.

I’m delighted to have you here and looking forward to finding out about your work, so without further ado, let’s get started!

How did you become a writer?

Totally by accident. I had time with no job and my husband suggested I write a book. Like an idiot, I thought, “That sounds like fun!” and a month later I sent a 95K-word book off to a publisher. She wrote back and said she liked the way I wrote but they needed more sex. So I thought, “Who can’t write sex?” and a month later I sent her a 90K-word book, which she published. By then I was hooked. I wish I could say that I’d always wanted to be a writer or that I thought it all through and planned, but it’s just not so.

What’s today’s story about?

I’m lucky to have two stories in Black Velvet Seductions’ supernatural anthology, Mystic Desire. The first, An Awareness of Evil (Dee S. Knight), is about a psychic who strongly senses a little girl in deep trouble. Each vision is stronger than the last but none are clear enough for her to tell who the girl is or where she is. She begins to work closely with a detective, but even with him on her side, it looks like they will be too late to save the child.

The second, Life Saving (Anne Krist), is very short and is about a man who is determined to kill himself. But he finds that help for a damaged heart can come from unlikely sources.

The authors taking part in this anthology are top notch. I’m very proud to be in the group!

Got a HOT teaser to share with us?

Here’s a short excerpt from An Awareness of Evil:

“There’s not much more frightening to a child than hearing a parent cry.” Amanda Masterson clutched her purse in her lap and tried to keep from twisting her hands. She stared at the nameplate on the front of the desk. Det. Donny Connor. He looked older than the other detective and probably had more experience but she wished she were speaking with the younger guy, doodling as he listened to her and his partner. He sat sideways to his desk with the chair pushed back onto two legs, looking as though he hadn’t a care in the world. But something told her that he heard every word.
“I can imagine,” Detective Connor said in a low voice. He seemed as though he were trying to sound soothing but a note of frustration hit between his words. “And so, you heard someone crying.”
“Not exactly.”
Detective Connor blew out a breath, laid his pen on the desk and then picked it up again. “Ms. Masterson, you’ve been trying to tell us what’s up for the past fifteen minutes. Why don’t you just say it and let us decide what’s important or not?” The detective looked to his partner sitting at the next desk. Detective Gilchrist gave him a bare nod. So far, that was the most interaction she’d seen from him.
Amanda took a deep breath and braced herself to tell the men what she’d been trying to avoid. “I don’t actually hear crying.”
“You don’t actually hear—”
“More like I sense it.”
The detective slowly placed the pen on his desk again. “You sense it.”
Detective Connor stretched his arms and folded his fingers behind his head. “So you don’t see the person crying. You don’t hear anyone crying. You don’t actually see a child.”
“That’s right.” She knew what was coming but knowing didn’t diminish the frustration. Or the pain in once again not being believed. “I’m something of a psychic.” She hadn’t meant to sound small, but that’s how it came out anyway.
Detective Connor dropped his hands to the desk and jerked the pen off the notepad. “You’re psychic.”
“I see. And you’re sensing that this child you can’t see or hear is frightened.”
“I know it.”
“Okay, where is this child? We’ll be sure to check it out, won’t we Brendan?”
Now Amanda didn’t bother trying to keep her hands still. She squeezed her fingers and released. Squeezed and released. “I don’t know.”
“Ms. Masterson, what exactly do you expect us to do? You don’t have any idea of who the kid is or how we can find it.”
“Her. I’m sure it’s a little girl crying.” She shook her head and narrowed her brows in worry. “I don’t know. I thought maybe you’d had a report of a domestic disturbance or something I might be able to draw on. I’ve been sensing her for two days now. It’s getting worse. She’s scared and I don’t know how to help her.” Her voice had risen to the point that people at desks around them had stopped to look. Amanda took another deep breath. “Look, I’m sorry. If I had more information, I’d tell you. But I can’t keep this to myself anymore.”
“Can’t keep what to yourself, miss? You haven’t told us anything.”
“Amanda Masterson,” murmured the other detective. “I think I’ve heard that name before. Have you been involved in another police case?

Where can we buy your books?

Please check for all books available by Dee S. Knight and Anne Krist. Mystic Desire is available for pre-order right now on Amazon: Or use the universal buy link:

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my work with you and your readers, Emma!

Thank you!

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  1. Great post, Emma, and a great interview Dee. I am a big fan of your writing, I love your stories. It was lovely to get more of an insight as to how you started as a writer. Thank you, Emma, for hosting this blog.

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  2. Both sound like great stories Dee. Can’t wait to read them. Sorry if this is a duplicate post. I’ve been having trouble getting online today.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Emma and Dee,
    I sure I’m going to love reading, An Awareness of Evil. I watch investigation shows with psychics for the police and ghost shows. Love that stuff.
    Can’t wait.

    Liked by 1 person

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