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Mystic Desire Book and Phone.pngFirst, welcome to HOT Teasers! My name is Emma and I’ll be your host for today.

I’m delighted to have you here and looking forward to finding out about your work, so without further ado, let’s get started!

Author Lora Logan

How did you become a writer, Lora?

I’ve been writing in some capacity since I was a small child, but deciding to become an author has been a long, winding road of a process. The short version (although I’ve never been big on short versions), is that like many people I came to a point in my life where I realized I was living more for everyone else. It took some soul searching but I found that writing was what I wanted to do for myself – something that was just mine. When I finally got my story out, the one that had been playing in my mind for years, I was hooked. I worked as a ghostwriter for about a year before striking out on my own and I’ve never looked back.

What’s today’s story about?

MYSTIC DESIRE is a collection of short paranormal romance stories. This is a chance to read and discover the work of a diverse group of very talented authors. The themes in this book are varied, as are the collection of characters and artifacts, including Native American dream catchers, mystical jewelry, and characters such as lustful vampires, hot warlocks, a grumpy leprechaun, a ghostly terrier, a zombie apocalypse and things that go bump in the night. From soft and tender love to hot passionate, kinky sex, there is something for everyone in this anthology.
My story, CALLING ALL ANGELS, follows Elijah, an immortal tasked with fighting against the evil that exists on earth. He finds peace when he meets his new neighbor, Celeste, but when he realizes that their love comes with a great cost, he is faced with choosing between his calling and a chance at true love.

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Have you got a HOT excerpt from CALLING ALL ANGELS?

It was then she saw him, his arms pushing the brush out of the way as he made his way towards her. He hadn’t seen her yet, she was fairly sure, but she watched as his large frame moved closer to her. He wasn’t a hunter. That was one of her fears when it came to hiking the unfamiliar woods. His hands were free and there was no telltale bright orange camouflage shirt covering his broad chest. He stopped suddenly, halting her perusal of him and his eyes locked on her. Neither one of them said a word, both taking a moment to observe the other. There was no fear there, shouldn’t you be afraid? The realization only piqued her interest in him as he found his feet again and moved towards her. 

“You okay?” His deep voice bellowed as he picked up his pace slightly.

“Great!” Great? She laughed to herself at her choice of words. Her wet and slightly maimed body rested with her back against a tree as she tried to contemplate how exactly she could hike three miles without the use of one of her legs. But she was great, apparently. 

He was within an arm’s length when he spoke again, “You sure about that?” He asked with an amused smile as he took in her disheveled appearance. 

“Mostly?” She returned his smile before she used the tree behind her as a brace so she could stand. “I lost my dog.” She added the last bit as if it was enough to explain her current state.

“And decided to go for a swim?” His small smile still showed but with a hint of disbelief. 

“Actually, my dog decided to take off and threw me into the creek in the process.” 

He followed her gaze to the rocky surface she’d so eloquently slid down. With her eyes free to roam she greedily took him in. He was easily over six feet tall and his muscular frame was apparent even masked beneath his jeans and black zip-up hoodie. His dark hair had a slight wave to it but it was his eyes that sent a thrill through her. They were… mesmerizing. Just as she thought that they were the sort of eyes you could get lost in she realized they were staring right back at her. 

“Are you hurt?” His eyes narrowed with concern bringing a small smile to her lips. 

“I’m… fine.” She winced with pain as she tried to prove herself by taking a step forward. 

His arm reached out to steady her and she felt a wave of pleasure at his simple touch. It took a moment for her to regain her wits before she looked up to him, only to find him staring down at where their bodies touched. 

“You’re not fine.” He countered. “Let me take a look.” 

What was it about him that made her so at ease and taken aback all at the same time? She listened without a word as he helped her back to the ground and carefully pulled up the bottom of her black leggings. His eyes went to her as if seeking permission, but she couldn’t move- couldn’t speak as her body warmed and reacted to him. Get it together! He’s not seducing you he’s checking your leg! The words did nothing to calm her overly active imagination as his fingertips felt more like a lover’s caress. 

“You’ve got some pretty good gashes here.” He still held her calf as his eyes surveyed the damage like a skilled doctor. 

Gashes? She hadn’t realized she’d cut her leg open which wasn’t surprising given the number of rocks she’d encountered on her way down. 

“I’m fine.” She pulled her leg from him, suddenly self-conscious as if he could read her mind and know she wasn’t opposed to him peeling off more layers of her clothing. “My place is just a couple miles…” She turned her body a few times to get her bearings and pointed in the correct direction, “that way.”

She took a painful step in the appropriate direction before she felt his hand clasp gently around her wrist. 

“My house is just through the trees there, why don’t you come and let me get this cleaned up first.” 

She wanted to argue if for no reason other than because she knew it was the appropriate thing to do. You don’t just go to some stranger’s house in the middle of the woods! She imagined the news report that would tell of the young, dumb, out-of-towner who was willingly led to a murders compound. Only, he didn’t look like the crazy, murdering sort. 

“C’mon, we’ll get this cleaned up and I’ll help you find your dog.” 

Ted Bundy! He seemed completely normal and charismatic and look how that turned out!

“Ok.” She heard herself say instead. 

It only took another painful step before she allowed him to hold her arm and take some of the pressure off her bum knee. 

“My place is just up here.” 

Lora Logan All She Ever Needed

Where can we buy your books?

You can find my books on Amazon at They are also
available online through Barnes &  Noble, Joseph-Beth Booksellers and through all major eBook retailers.

Thank you!


  1. Hi Emma and Lora,
    I love the way the main character’s meet in your story. At first it made me laugh. Then as a mother of course concern took over for going to a strangers house in the woods. Hanzel and Gretel came to mind. Can’t wait to read more.

    Liked by 1 person

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