HOT TEASERS Interview with author Alice Renaud @alicerauthor ~ Music for a Merman

Music for a Merman by Alice Renaud

Music for a Merman by Alice Renaud

First, welcome to HOT Teasers! My name is Emma and I’ll be your host for today. 


I’m delighted to have you here and looking forward to finding out about your work, so without further ado, let’s get started! 


How did you become a writer? 

I read The Lord of the Rings aged 12, and decided I wanted to write stories like that. It turned out I wasn’t that great at writing big epic sagas, but I could write romantic stories… so 35 years later my first fantasy romance novella was published.

Music for a Merman by Alice Renaud HOT TEASERS Interview with #author #AliceRenaud

What’s today’s story about?   

Music for a Merman, Book 2 in the Sea of Love series. 

Rob Regor knew that humans were trouble. All the shape shifting mermen of the Morvann Islands knew it. And human women were double trouble… especially when they were lying on the road in front of a digger.

Rob has a mission. Go to the mainland. Work as a policeman. Spy on humans. Report back to his father, the head of the Regor Merman Clan. It should be easy. Until he has to arrest Charlie. Rob can’t fight his attraction to the sexy eco-warrior, and it puts him on one hell of a collision course with his family and his Clan. Will he break the rules – or break her heart, and his?

Love ‘em and leave ‘em, that was Charlie’s motto. It had served her well until now. But Rob is different… Can she open up her heart to Rob – when a secret buried in her past surfaces and changes her completely?

Music for a Merman by Alice Renaud HOT TEASERS Interview with #author #AliceRenaud

Got a HOT teaser to share with us?  

Charlie clambered over the rocks and was soon looking down at the small cove, sparkling blue and gold under the descending sun. The haunting song grew louder the closer she got to the sea. Now it seemed to be outside her head, rising from the peaceful water below to weave its magic around her. The meaning shimmered, just beyond the edge of her comprehension. It was like trying to read words reflected in a mirror. If she could only break the surface of the glass, enter the other side, she’d understand it fully. 

But in some obscure way, she knew that the melody spoke of love. Sexual, passionate love. And it was doing something to her. Heat was building up, deep inside her belly. She swore, in a vain attempt to let it out. “Bloody Rob!” He’d got her all worked up, and now she couldn’t calm down. 

Cold water and exercise would help. She half-climbed, half-slid down the slippery rocks and hit the sand with a thud. The music sounded as though it was coming from the waves. 

It couldn’t be. Maybe the stress of the past day had given her tinnitus. She’d read about it. People heard noises, or even melodies, in their head, and couldn’t get rid of them. She took off her shorts and T-shirt and placed them on a rock, weighing them down with her sandals. After a moment’s hesitation, she took off her swimsuit too. No one would see her, and she loved skinny-dipping. Nothing would come between her and the sea tonight. 

The breeze glided across her body but failed to soothe the persistent thrumming at the apex of her thighs. She stepped into the surf, bracing herself for the usual Atlantic chill, but it didn’t come. The water was warm, almost like the Mediterranean. She immersed herself up to her neck. Joy broke through her gloom and lifted her mood just as a wave lifted her and bore her towards the small wooded island in the middle of the cove. A few lazy strokes were all she needed to stay afloat. The water enveloped her in its embrace, stroking her from her shoulders to her toes, as if the whole ocean wanted to make love to her. 

The eerie song was growing louder and clearer by the minute. With an almighty jolt she understood that it was real. She wasn’t hallucinating. The enchanting melody was coming from the other side of the islet! Excitement surged, short-circuiting all other emotions. Something was there, just beyond her sight. Something beautiful and magical. 

She swam up to the island and followed the sandy shore towards the heavenly sound. Some deep, mysterious instinct told her that she had nothing to fear from this being. It meant her no harm. Quite the contrary. 

Luck was on her side. A fallen tree, half submerged in the water, provided the perfect cover. The anticipation blazed so high inside her, it made her mouth go dry. She grabbed the trunk and hauled herself up to peep through the branches. 

A black, glistening animal swam in circles, just a few yards away. A porpoise? But the shape was wrong. A fin broke the surface. No, not a fin, an arm! Coal-black and muscular, it ended in a hand. 

A webbed hand. 

A merman! The old legends were true. Here was the Water Horse, the Selkie, the aquatic creature that could turn into a man.

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Thank you! 

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    1. Omg, this post of mine has so many mistakes it makes me cringe. LOL. I meant to say, I loved Music For A Merman. There was heat and humor between Charlie and Rob from the moment that they met.

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  1. Great excerpt Alice. Draws me right in and really makes me want to read this book. Book one was fab. Sounds like book two in the series will be just as good.


  2. I really enjoyed this book! I was lucky enough to read an arc but I’ll be making it a permanent part of my library!


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